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7 Steps to Seven Figures

This week I was on a 2 day Million Pound Masterclass hosted by the Entrepreneurs Circle – talking all about how to get your business to 7 figures.

It was thoroughly inspiring and all part of the membership of the EC.

If anybody would like to listen to these all you need to do is sign up for the 30 day free trail and next week the recordings will be uploaded in the events sections

Had it every occurred to you must business owners are not super successful. (Only 4.5% of businesses ever get to 1 million pound turnover) You have to be different

· Different in how you T-H-I-N-K

· And Different in what you DO.

7 Steps to Seven Figures:

1. Believe that you deserve 7 figures

2. Actually deserve 7 figures – based on value.

3. Develop a plan for achieving 7 figures.

4. Let enough of the right people know about you.

5. Actually deserve 7 figures – based on work.

6. Stop those who would interfere with you getting to 7 figures.

7. Achieve 7 figure “Congruency” and stop yourself from interfering with you getting to 7 figures.

There is a Phrase that keeps you poor and that is saying “I Can’t afford that”.

3 Critical Questions you need to ask yourself?

· Why did you start your business?

· Why are you still in it?

· What do you want from it, Long Term?

As you answer theses you will know where you are starting from, and where you are going to, and what’s stopping you?

Running an successful business is all about buying time. The structure of the business that gets you to the right place, and gives you time to do what you want to do.

This is where you need to understand your T.E.R.M.S :

T – Time

How much time are you prepared to invest in running your business?

E – Enjoyment

Business is hard, and there’ll always be elements we prefer doing over others, but if you’re not enjoying the journey something has to change.

R – Resources

What resources are you prepared to commit to your business?

M – Money

How much do you need?

What’s your break-even?

How much will your “Dream Life” Cost?

S – Sanity

What are you prepared to do to make it work?

How much fight do you have in the game?

If You would like to find out more how SLW Business coaching could help you along the way please don’t hesitate to book a call In the calendar to help you move your business forward and potentially that 7 figure 7 sum turnover.

More from the masterclass coming soon.

Speak soon


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