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Secrets of a Super Successful Business Owner (they know & do these things whilst most of us don't)


7. Get People/staff on build first

Any employees should be enhancing profit and taking the things of you that, take up your time.

I.e.. Using a Call handling service for example, starts to free your time up.

· Needs to create the right environment

· give your staff the right tools

· then get out of their way.

Its all about the business owner not doing every thing.

8. You get more of what you tolerate ….

I.e. what standard of behavior is acceptable to you, the more you let happen to more it will continue for example staff being late.

You can suffer a short term pain by addressing the problems and getting standards/behaviors to what you expect or suffer long term pain if you don’t address your problems.

9. Be Clear what you stand for (and what you’ll accept ….)

It’s all about increasing profit by having a team of people to work alongside you.

I.e. you want a team of staff that do great work, care about your customers as much as you do and have a good attitude, regarding work and other team members.

This all makes you think about where you want to take the business in the long run, in order to achieve the lifestyle you want.

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