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Test you Marketing for Quality:

Updated: Jun 11

Your Marketing Asset Review: (1-4)

1. Crystal Clear Objective

What’s the purpose of this marketing Piece? – All marketing is about persuading people – your prospects to take action. – The clearer the objective is within the copy – the more clarity you have around what you want people to do, and the more people will do it.

What does it want people to do? Is it Obvious? It should be so blindingly obvious what any particular piece of marketing is trying to get the reader/viewer to do.

For example, let’s say you send some direct mail.

· The objective of the mail is to get a meeting.

· So on that basis you don’t need to sell your product/service

· Mail should sell the meeting and the reasons why prospect should meet with you, which is very different to trying to sell the product.

Make sure your marketing piece doesn’t fail at this first principle – Ensure you tick the above to avoid, you having lost track and sight of your objective.

2. Not Boring

The Piece shouldn’t be boring.

So much marketing is churned out, especially from small or medium-sized businesses, make sure yours isn’t the same old as everyone else’s and dull and not interesting to read.

Are you doing what everyone else is doing?

Will the reader/viewer of your marketing piece remember anything about it 10 minutes after they’ve put it down or will it blend into the sea of sameness and remarkability?

The professional business person would let their marketing do that. They’d be different in some way – and you must be too.

One way to assess whether you’re doing the same as everyone else in your market is to replace your logo with your competition’s logo. Would everything still make sense? You’d be surprised how often that’s the case.

If the answer is yes, you’re failing this part of the Quality Test.

There needs to be something that’s different and unique to you.

One way to do that is with the words you use.

And then there are the images. – Images in your marketing collateral are an important attention – grabber.

Once you know that you can’t use the same old type of images as everyone else, you want something that’s interesting and attention grabbing.

If you actually create somethings that’s impactful and engaging, it will resonate with people and they will remember it, for a little while at least.

3. Clear Positioning:

Is it obvious why your customers or potential customer should choose you over your competitors?

Seriously, Why should they spend their hard earned cash with you, as opposed to all other choices they have?

You somehow need to show you’re top of the tree.

You need something that says you’re the best.

· Awards

· Reviews

· Story

· A statement from the owner setting out Principles and promises.

You need something that gives people a really strong reason as to why they should at least engage with you, even if they don’t buy at this point.

4. Personable and Relatable

Key aspect not to be overlooked.

People buy people.

Small businesses have the advantage over bigger businesses as a lot easier for you to be personable.

You are the secret sauce in your business.

Do you have photos and or videos of you and your team?

That’s what people are buying. – Potential customers are looking for someone they can trust and when you’re there, visible in your marketing, you make it easier for people to trust you and believe your message.

If there’s no photos or videos of you or your team on your website, you’re missing a big trick.

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