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You can think can’t you?

On a coaching call with a client last month we came up with a real killer promotion for one particular business in the Group.

They went away and implemented it and the results have been staggering.

Game changing. A five figure cash sum banked in less than ten days.


"How do you come up with these things?" asked another client this week as I told them the full story.

It's a good question and the answer is, in truth, very simple: Think like your customer.

I mean really think like they think.

Understand how they see the world. What matters to them. What doesn't matter to them.

When you fall in love with your customers - not your ideas or products - everything becomes much clearer.

Selling what you have can be hard.

Selling what people really want is the easiest thing in the world.

Working out what they really want comes from properly seeing the world from their perspective - which is always different from yours!

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